We are taking off!

We are taking off!

With pleasure, positive energy and eagerness to work we would like to announce that AIR SPORTS PROMOTION has officially opened today.

We specialize in air sports marketing as well as marketing through air sports, thus we successfully manage to combine air professionalism with business in the sports field. Our activities do not only positively influence the development and promotion of air sports but also result in huge profits for companies investing in such kind of events. Our experience proves, whereas honesty makes it necessary to tell you that business in combination with air sports rivalry brings a side effect – extreme and absolutely amazing feelings for everybody! We love that kind of side effects, what about you? :-)
At work we believe in certain values that we have put together in the following ten commandments:
1. Follow your dreams! They will not fulfil on their own… Make them come true!
2. Believe in yourself, your goals and what you aim to achieve.
3. Learn systematically and work hard, then it is only a matter of time to see the results.
4. Listen to experts, respect and rely on their experience.
5. Always play fair.
6. Help younger and less experienced colleagues, be their role model and set an example.
7. Never disregard your opponent.
8. Be consistent, systematic and patient.
9. Have fun and enjoy your life.
10. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn…
We do not have and are not about to have a single client, never…
What we strive for is to encourage as many partners to join us as possible and together achieve our common goals and make our dreams come true. We will together endure the bitterness of defeat, but also together will celebrate our victory. Team work!
We will be very pleased, if you join our air team.
Come and check us!

We would like to invite participants, teams, contest and event organizers, the media, businesses and city governors to join us and promote air sports.

All fans and supporters are welcome to our national as well as foreign tournaments. We believe that it is you who create this special atmosphere at an airport and cheer our participants on!

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